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Dynamode USB to RS232 Serial Port Adapter, Blister Pack

Dynamode USB 2.0 to 9 pin Serial RS-232 RS232 Adapter Converter

Convert any USB port for Serial communications.
Yes; the Dynamode USB-SERIAL simply plugs into any avaliable USB Port to allow legacy Serial communications for applications such as Modems; Process Control; EPOS and military applications.
Fully Bus powered and Plug n Play the converter supports standard TIA Serial communication standards up to 1Mbps.
Fully Windows and MAC OS compliant.
• Full compliance with USB Specification V2.0
• Support the RS232 Serial interface
• Support over 1Mbps data transfer rate
• Support remote wake-up and power management
• Windows 98/Me/2000/Xp/Vista & Mac OS8.6 or higher Support
• USB full speed communication and bus powered

Dynamode (USB-H41) External 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub, USB Powered

4-Port High Speed USB2.0 Hub
Connect a USB Printer, Scanner, External Disk Storage or iPod with this compact and convenient high-speed USB2.0 Hub giving you 4 extra USB ports.
• Up to 480Mbps Transfer rates
• USB2.0 and Backward USB1.1 compatible
• Compact, self-powered design
• Add extra USB ports to your Computer
• Ideal for iPod, Printers, Cameras and any other USB device
• Fully Plug n’ Play – Just plug in and go
• Overload protection and status LEDs
• For Windows and MAC

Dynamode M-1100M Webcam, 2.0MP, Mic, Snapshot Button, Blister Pack

Plug and Play USB WebCam with Microphone

Featuring a full colour 2.0 MEGA Pixels the Dynamode M-1100M Webcam is the perfect solution for your Webcam needs.
Using a high speed USB Interface with generous cable length the M-1100M is perfect for both mobile and desktop PCs using the Windows Operating System.
• 2.0 MEGA Pixels
• Driverless,Plug and Play
• Bulit-in microphone
• Six LEDS
• Interface:USB2.0 high speed
• Snapshot button
• Frame Rate: 640×480 up to 30 frame/sec(CIF)
• Video Format:24-bit RGB
• S/N Ratio:<48dB
• Dynamic:Range<72dB
• Focus Range:5cm-infinity
• Automatic Colour Compensated
• Manual Focus
• Support Win XP SP2/Vista/Win7…
• Support:MSN,Skype,Yahoo…

Dynamode SATA to IDE Adapter, Bi-directional

Extend your Hard Disk Lifespan.

Looking for complete flexibility when adding your existing SATA or IDE interface Hard Disk(s) to your system?
Introducing the new Dynamode IDE-SATA-SI. A discrete, PCB level adapter which simply connects to the rear interface of any SATA or IDE Hard Disk or other Mass Storage Device (MSD) without taking up valuable space inside your Desktop or Server chassis.
Allowing ‘Boot Time’ level Storage attachment, the IDE-SATA-SI needs no software to be installed and converts SATA (Serial ATA) to ATA (Parallel ATA) and vice versa, quickly and with minimal fuss. Comes embedded with dual SATA Ports, one ATA/133 IDE type interface and a single 4-Pin Power Connector.
Fully bi-directional in operation the device also comes with a unique status LED showing data activity together with bundled SATA-SATA data cable and 4-Pin to standard ‘Molex’ Power cable.
Advanced features
• Discrete PCB for direct Storage Device attachment
• Needs no Drivers, converts at ‘Boot Time’
• Single 40-Pin IDE Port; Two SATA Ports
• Single 4-Pint Power Connector
• Converts SATA to Parallel ATA
• Converts Parallel ATA to SATA
• Supports ATA100/133 Specification
• Fully compliant with Serial ATA Specifications
• Unique activity LED on PCB
• Bundled ‘Molex’ Power Cable and SATA Data Cable

Dynamode USB Micro Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter, 100M Range, Ultra Compact, Round Edge

Compact Bluetooth™ connectivity.

A truly small and compact Bluetooth™ Wireless USB adapter for
Phone, PDA, Notebook and the rest of your digital life.
The new Dynamode BT-USB-M2 breaks the unadventurous design of
competing Bluetooth™ adapters by offering most of the host electronics within
the confines of the actual USB connector! Result – a Bluetooth™ adapter
which can be left permanently plugged into a Notebook’s USB Port, while in its
Notebook bag, or moving from office to office without fear of the device
becoming unplugged or damaged.
 Fully Bluetooth™ Version 2.00 compliant for simultaneous connections to
other Bluetooth™ devices and a high-powered Class-1 100 metre range using
a data transmission of up to 3Mbps coupled with extensive Wireless security.
Ideal for Bluetooth™ PAN (personal area networking), VoIP applications, data
transfer and Fax/Dialup applications, the new Dynamode BT-USB-M2 breaks
the convention in discrete Bluetooth™ connectivity.
Advanced features
• Compact design – slightly larger than a USB plug
• Up to 3Mbps Bluetooth™ data speeds
• Bluetooth™ v2.0 and v1.2 compliant
• Class-1 compliant – up to 100 metre range*
• CSR™ low power Processor
• USB2.0 Interface – Plug n’ Play
• Ideal for Phone, PDA, Notebook and Printer
• Bundled Bluesoleil™ Utilities for easy connection
• Supports VoIP, Data, Dial-Up/Fax and Headsets
• Ideal for Windows™ 98, SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista™
• Compatible with MAC OS X™ (10.5.x) or higher**
* Subject to environmental factors
** Separate Drivers maybe required

Dynamode (USB-CR-6P) External Multi Card Reader, 6 Slot, USB Powered

Hassle-free Memory access
• Ideal for Notebooks, Desktop PC, Digital Photography.
• Reads: 55 types of memory cards.
• Compact design, fully Plug n’ Play with 6 slots.
• USB 2.0 for read/write transfer up to 480 Mbps.
• No external power is required.
• Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Win 7, MacOS 10 or higher.

Dynamode DM-N90 Lightweight Headset, Boom Microphone, In-line Volume Control

Over-head Stereo Headset with Microphone
  • Over-the-head design with ear padding
  • Stereo Headphone with boom microphone
  • Generous 1.8 metre cordage with in-line Volume
  • Colour coded standard 3.5mm Phono Jacks
  • Frequency range: 20-20Khz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Maximum Power Output: 100mw
  • Sensitivity: -58dB @ 1Khz (microphone)

Low cost entertainment.

Offering excellent stereo sound quality and a very competitive price-point, the new DM-N90 fits the bill no matter what your audio application maybe.
Offering a comfortable and fully adjustable over-the-head fitment which is ideal for extended periods of use, the DM-N90 comes complete with
adjustable boom microphone – ideal for VoIP and Internet communications applications include Skype™ and MSN™ Messenger™.
With padded ear protection and generous 1.8 metre cable length, the DM-N90also comes complete with in-line Volume control for complete remote listening in the comfort of your home, at School or any distance learning facility.
Ideal for PC, MAC®, DVD, MP3 and other entertainment systems, the new DM-N90 comes complete with colourful blister packaging.

Dynamode External 2.5″ IDE Hard Drive Caddy, USB2, USB Powered, Black

Don`t through away your old 2.5″ IDE Hard Disk!

Use it as offline storage with the Dynamode USB-HD2.5 Disk Caddie.
All you need is your old 2.5″ IDE Hard Disk (up to 80GB capacity) which is easy to fit in this stylish anodised metal – we even supply a screwdriver for the operation!
Fully self powered and quiet in operation, the USB-HD2.5 is the only product you need for economical offline backup.
• Compliant with USB2.0 (480 Mbps) and USB1.1 Standards.
• For use with 2.5″ IDE Hard Disk Drives – 80 Gb Max.
• Transfer rates of 480 Mbps/12Mbps
• Supports Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA and MAC OS 8.6 or higher
• Hot Plug and Play feature
• Dimensions: 125 x 75x 12mm

Dynamode External 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive Caddy, USB2, USB Powered

• Super Slim and easy portability
• Hot Plug-and-Play feature
• Plug n’ Play without the need to install Drivers
• High-speed USB2.0 for quick data transfer
• Enclosure for popular 2.5″ SATA Hard Disks used in Notebooks and Desktops
• Shell Material: Aluminium
• Dimensions:125x75x12mm
• USB Powered – no need for separate Power Supplied
• Compatible with WindowsTM ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
• Compatible with MACTM OS 8.6 or higher
The exciting new USB-HD2.5S is a stylish, high quality aluminium Disk Enclosure with totally silent operation. The newly designed Aluminium enclosure acts as a built-in heatsink, effectively reducing heat output of the enclosed Hard Disk to enhance reliability and lifespan.
Fully Plug n’ Play for leading Operating Systems including Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X, the USB-HD2.5S allows your existing 2.5″ SATA Hard Disk to be fitted quickly and with minimal effort.

Dynamode External 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive Caddy, USB3, USB Powered

Dynamode SuperSpeed External Hard Drive Caddy

Looking for faster backups, movie streaming without buffering or faster data transfers? 

The new USB3-HD2.5S-BC is a stylish, passively cooled aluminium manufactured enclosure using the very latest SuperSpeed(tm) USB3.0 interface, meaning data transfers are up to x10 quicker than older USB2.0 systems.
Moreover, the results are instant. Backup times for data are quicker, HD movie streaming is fluid and without that annoying buffering and moving large files such as images and the like are now lightning fast.
Don’t have USB3.0 just yet? No problem. The USB3-HD2.5S-BC is backward compatible with your USB2.0 ports so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, USB2.0 and USB3.0 Self-powered by the supplied quality ISB3.0 cable and totally pocketable, its an ideal solution for breathing new life into your old 2.5-inch SATA hard disk. Fully Plug n’ Play, ideal for Windows(tm), Mac(tm) and so easy to setup, even a child can manage it!
  • SuperSpeed USB3.0 – up to 5Gbps transfer speeds
  • Up to x10 faster data access and backups than USB2.0
  • Fully backward compatible with USB2.0 computers
  • Self-powered by USB data cable – no power block needed
  • Running in seconds – just slot in your 2.5-inch SATA hard disk*
  • No messy drivers to install – totally Plug n’ Play
  • Ideal for Windows(tm), Mac(tm) OS X, Linux(tm) etc
  • Supports most third-party backup storage applications
  • Watch movies, listen to music – and keep it in your pocket