Kingston 120GB SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 SSD, M.2 2280, SATA3, R/W 550/520 MB/s

Kingston 120GB SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 SSD, M.2 2280, SATA3, R/W 550/520 MB/s


Manufacturer Code: SM2280S3G2/120G
EAN Number: 740617248937
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Next-generation SSD technology

  • Space-saving caseless design fits ultrathin computing applicationss
  • Multi-purpose SFF connector replaces small mSATA and mini-PCIe slots
  • M.2 Gen 2 SSDs are backed by a limited 3-year warranty
Kingston’s M.2 SATA G2 SSD is a thin and compact, caseless internal solidstate drive that combines high capacity with low power consumption to serve as a reliable caching device or primary storage for the O/S and applications. Suitable for desktop motherboards utilizing the Intel 9x chipset and popular Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs including ultrabooks, notebooks, and tablets, the M.2 2280 SATA G2 SSD easily integrates into designs with M.2 connectors and is ideal for system builders and DIY end users.
Lighter weight than a cased SSD, the M.2 SATA G2 SSD optimizes performance with advanced garbage collection, wear-leveling and TRIM support to keep performance consistent over the life of the drive.DevSleep, a recent addition to the SATA specification, is an efficient power management option that minimizes power consumption and extends battery life. Firmware-based power loss protection maintains data integrity and ensures data in cache is constantly flushed and hardened to NAND to enable the drive to recover in the event of an unsafe shutdown.